Chengzhi Yin
Comparative Research of Development Regulation
in Urban Detailed Planning in China and Germany

39,– Euro| ISBN 978-3-939486-58-9, 386 pages, 15,5 x 24 cm, Paperback, September 2011

China is in a process of high-speed urbanization and industrialization which leads to increasingly serious environmental, cultural, and urban problems. Most of the existing problems are related with the development regulation factors in the urban detailed planning.

Through a comparative research of development regulation in urban detailed planning in China and Germany, the research is intended to identify the limitations of the Chinese regulatory planning and present a solution to the existing problems.

First of all, the research has introduced both planning systems as the general background. On this basis, there is a summary on the German B-planning and the Chinese regulatory planning which identifies the role, content, preparation, and implementation of each detailed planning type in their respective planning system.

Secondly, referring to the key themes suggested by the United Nations Commission of Sustainable Development (UNCSD) and the developmental objectives of the 11th National Five-Year Plan of China, the research has created the general framework of the comparative research, which is based on the concept of sustainable development.

Thirdly, as the initial part of the comparative research, the research has compared the development regulation goals of both detailed planning types. From then on, the qualitative and quantitative methods have been applied to implement the comparative research of development regulation, which includes both theoretical analysis and case studies.

Finally, the research has elaborated the distinguishing features of the German B-plan and the Chinese regulatory plan. According to comprehensive and systematic comparative research, the development regulation limitations of the Chinese regulatory planning have been identified and presented. Therefore, based on the limitations, the innovative proposals, which include optimizing the regulatory planning system, reconstructing the regulation goals, establishing a new regulation system, as well as establishing the new plan structure, have been proposed.

Chengzhi Yin, Ph.D. (Peking University, China), Dr.-Ing. (University of Stuttgart, Germany), Humboldtian (German Chancellor Scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation). Assistant professor of the School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. His research interest is focusing on the urban and regional planning, as well as the urban governance.

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